These articles were written by members of the Army Marksmanship Unit who have demonstrated an individual standard of excellence within either the National and/or the International levels of competition. SO YOU WANT TO BE A CHAMPION ... In reading these articles certain personal qualities are mentioned by many as important or essential in climbing the ladder of success.

Dedication, establishing intermediate goals, personal sacrifice, desire and mental/physical discipline are deemed necessary to achieve the ulitimate which is National Champion or Gold Medalist in World Competition. As pointed out by many, "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing" and a true champion must develop this attitude or he will become satisfied with less.

Competitive shooting is a participant type sport and personal acclaim is rarely commensurate with achievement outside the "shooting community." Therefore, the competitive shooter must be even more dedicated to "pay the price" for success. You are not born a champion and only you can decide if you should become one.

It is hoped that you as an aspiring shooter and hopeful future champion can personally benefit by the inner-thoughts and driving forces of some of those who have successfully negotiated the road to "championship." As you ponder the tips these contributors are sharing with you -- consider, don't they really apply to personal achievement in any competition in life???

Colonel, Infantry