Bylaws of the Illinois-Missouri
Indoor Bullseye Pistol League

Amendments and Revisions enacted at the 2004 Annual Meeting will appear here soon!


The name of this organization is the "Illinois-Missouri Indoor Bullseye Pistol League," {Il-Mo League} a National Rifle Association sanctioned league.


The purpose of this league shall be to provide an organized platform for annual gallery .22 caliber pistol team competition in the St. Louis area. Our goals shall include promoting sportsmanship and camaraderie among our ranks and encouraging the introduction of new individuals to the sport. This organization was initially formed in 1949.


SECTION 1. The management of the League shall be vested in a "Council" consisting of the "Team Captains" and the "League Officers."

A. The "League Officers" shall be the general administrators of the League as elected by the "Team Captains."

B. The "Team Captains" shall be the administrative representatives from each League Team collectively.

SECTION 2. The League Offices shall consist of the positions of "President," "Secretary-Treasurer" and "Executive Officer." The scope and responsibilities of the various officers shall be defined as follows:

A. The President shall be the chairman of the Council. The President shall be the Match Director for all matches. The President's duties shall include but are not limited to the following:

1. Presiding over all Official Meetings of the Council.
2. Collecting and relating any concerns of the "Individual Competitors" to the Council.
3. Holding the other League Officers accountable for their stated responsibilities.
4. Acting as public relations officer for the League, both within and abroad.
5. Acting as the League's representative to the NRA Pistol Committee and the NRA Competitions Division.

B. The Secretary-Treasurer shall handle the majority of the administrative responsibilities of the League and shall be compensated monetarily for those contributions. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be the Statistical Officer for all matches. The Secretary-Treasurer's duties shall include but are not limited to the following:

1. Handling all financial accounting of the League including preparing and presenting an annual "Financial Report" at the "Annual Council Meeting."
2. Registering the league as an "NRA Sanctioned League" each year.
3. Submitting bills for and collecting League Dues and Individual Competitor Fees from the Team Captains.
4. Purchase Official NRA targets to be resold to the League Teams on an "as requested" basis. League Teams have the option of purchasing targets through the league, or from their own source.
5. Preparing an Annual Schedule of Matches.
6. Distributing an "Annual Competitor Packet" containing schedules, statistics, rule changes, the President's Address, and other information requested by the Council to Competitors participating in the previous season.
7. Compiling and keeping records of both Individual Competitors and Teams.
8. Accepting and analyzing the Team score sheets from the matches as preliminary bulletins.
9. Checking the arithmetic and Indices on these weekly score sheets and making corrections as necessary.
10. Preparing the Official Bulletins for each match and distributing them to the entire Council. If a Team Captain elects to receive match results via email, then results shall be sent as soon as all match results for the week have been posted. However, if the Team Captain prefers to have results sent via the postal service, a copy of the match(s) in which their Team participated shall be mailed on a bi-weekly basis.
11. Determining Team and Individual Award Winners from records kept throughout the season.
12. Distributing the end-of-season statistics to all Competitors.
13. Scheduling a date and time for and contacting Council members if a Special Council or Protest Meeting might be required.
14. Recording the minutes of Official Council Meetings.
15. Submitting scores and fees to the NRA within 30 days of the conclusion of the League.

C. The Executive Officer shall handle the responsibility of providing Trophies for League Awards and for planning and securing all aspects of the annual League Banquet (Awards Ceremony). The Executive Officer's duties shall include but are not limited to the following:

1. Ordering and receiving engraved awards from information provided by the Secretary-Treasurer.
2. Making arrangements with a caterer and a hall for the League Banquet.
3. Working directly with the League President to compile a schedule of events, including award presentations and guest speakers for the League Banquet.
4. Acting as the Master of Ceremonies of the function, or selecting another individual for the task.

SECTION 3. The "Team Captains" shall have the responsibility of developing, enacting and enforcing League policy. An "Alternate Team Captain" shall function in a Team Captain's role when absent.

A. The Team Captains collectively shall exclusively hold the power to amend or expand League By-Laws by majority vote. This power shall be reserved for the "Annual Council Meeting" only.

B. The Team Captain shall handle all bookkeeping responsibilities for the Team's management:

1. The Captain shall be responsible for the payment of the Team's League Fees to the Secretary-Treasurer.
2. The Captain shall provide the Secretary-Treasurer with the name, address, gender, birth date, NRA number, and NRA expiration date for each member of the Team.
3. The Captain shall be responsible for collecting the Individual Competitor Fee from each Competitor on the Team, keeping track of who on their Team has paid and/or not paid, and sending the collected fees to the Secretary-Treasurer with the results from the first match each Competitor fires.
4. The Captain shall have a complete record of each Team member including scores fired and current Index at each match.
5. The Captain shall be responsible for reporting match results to the Secretary-Treasurer within three (3) days after the match has been fired. Match results may be filed electronically or via the postal service.

C. The Team Captains shall be the Chief Range Officers of their Teams' home matches:
They shall be responsible for providing range officers, scheduling relays, and enforcing proper match procedures and safety rules.

D. The Team Captains shall handle the administrative tasks for their Team at all matches:

1. Team Captains shall be responsible for prompt and correct scoring of targets. They shall work collectively to receive scorecards, transfer information to the Team Score Sheet, calculate handicap scores, compute totals and determine match outcome. The completed Team Score Sheet shall constitute a Preliminary Match Bulletin.
2. The two Team Captains at a Match shall collectively act as the Match Referee to resolve scoring or procedural disputes.
3. If the Team Captains cannot resolve a dispute, a Team Captain may file a Protest. This protest must be written and signed by both Team Captains and must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer attached to the Team Score Sheet. This procedure is outlined more specifically in Article 7 1 - 3.

SECTION 4. The "Council" shall meet at least one time per year at the "Annual Council Meeting." Members of the Council may also request additional "Special Council Meetings." All Council Meetings shall be conducted according to parliamentary procedure with the League President as chairman.

A. The "Annual Council Meeting" shall be scheduled by the Secretary-Treasurer in either May or June of each year for the purpose of preparing a budget, receiving the financial report from the Secretary-Treasurer, discussion of By-Laws and amendments, setting the Individual Competitor Fee for the upcoming season, setting the Match Team Limit for the upcoming season, any other matters of concern to Council members, and finally, elections of League Officers for the up-coming season. Nominations for offices shall be accepted from the floor or in writing.

B. Any Council member may request a "Special Council Meeting" by contacting the League President. The purpose of the requested meeting must be clearly stated. The League Officers shall then discuss and rule on the validity of the request. If the request is approved by a majority of the board, the Secretary-Treasurer shall notify all Team Captains of the meeting and it's purpose at least 10 days in advance of the scheduled date of the meeting. It shall be understood that By-Laws may only be amended at the Annual Council Meeting and never at a Special Council Meeting.


Any group of Individuals may band together to become a League Team if they meet the following criteria:

A. The Team must provide a suitable indoor facility for their home matches, which shall constitute 50% of their matches. Facility concerns shall include: proper lighting, adequate ventilation, stable target holders, a safe backstop and an area separate from the range to handle scorekeeping.

B. The Team must name a Team Captain and at least one Alternate Captain. The Secretary / Treasurer must be kept informed of any changes.

C. If the Team is sponsored by a club or organization, all Team Members must be paid-up members of that organization prior to the start of the season.

D. All members of the Team must be paid-up members of the National Rifle Association and must supply proof of such including, but not limited to providing a membership number and membership term's expiration date.

E. The Team must provide targets and scorecards for all Competitors who attend its home matches. Targets shall be made available to any League Team for purchase from the Secretary-Treasurer in bundles of 500 at the current established price.

F. During the course of a season, no Individual Competitor may transfer from one Team to another without the direct approval of the Council. Transfers during the off-season shall be allowed without approval or restriction.

G. New Team members may be added during the course of a season, provided that they meet all aforementioned individual eligibility requirements.

H. If a Team is forced to withdraw from the League, the results of matches fired against that Team shall be removed from the standings. Individual scores fired at those matches shall be retained in the record and shall count as matches fired. Those Individual scores shall also count toward Average, Index, and Individual Awards.


SECTION 1. The League Teams shall be responsible for providing payments to the League:

A. The League Teams shall be obliged to pay the League their Annual Dues. The Team Captains shall be billed for these dues on or about October 1st and they must be paid by December 31st. The Secretary-Treasurer shall notify the Council of any delinquent fees by January 15th. The Annual Dues may be paid by a sponsoring organization or collected from the Individual Team Members by the Team Captain and paid. Each Team shall pay the same nominal dues based on the number of matches scheduled for the Team multiplied by each of the following:

$8.00 per match for engraved awards
$5.00 per match for the Secretary-Treasurer's services
$1.50 per match for postage and miscellaneous
$14.50 per match total

B. The League Teams shall also collect from each of their Team Members an Individual Competitor Fee. This fee must be paid in order that any of their subsequent scores shall be considered "fired for record" or "official." These fees may be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer with the match Team Score Sheets. Unpaid Team Members shall not appear on the Official Match Bulletins and may affect the perceived outcome of the match.


Both the National Rifle Association's Conventional Pistol Rules and the Illinois-Missouri Indoor Bullseye Pistol League rules as stated herein shall govern all League Competitions.

SECTION 1. The NRA publication "NRA Pistol Rules" shall provide the foundation for match operation and rules disputes. Team Captains may request a copy of the NRA rules from the Secretary-Treasurer at the League's expense. The "NRA Pistol Rules" booklet is listed as item number "CP 16650" in the NRA catalog.

SECTION 2. The Il-Mo League may have necessitated more specific or specialized rules of its own as stated herein. If, and only if, these more specific rules apply, the Il-Mo League rules shall take priority over NRA rules.


SECTION 1. The annual schedule of matches shall be drafted and distributed by the Secretary-Treasurer in the Annual Competitor's Packet prior to the start of the season.

A. The schedule shall be based on the following:

1. Range availability
2. Number of Teams in the League
3. Number of Matches planned for each Team

B. Teams shall not be scheduled to fire in more than one (1) match per week.

C. Matches may be postponed by agreement of both Team Captains. The Secretary-Treasurer must receive notification of the match postponement within forty-eight (48) hours of the agreement to postpone the match. The postponed match shall be fired no later than two (2) weeks following the end of the regular match season.

SECTION 2. A scheduled Match shall be deemed "forfeited" by a Team if no member of that Team arrives to the range by 8:00 PM.

A. If a Team does forfeit the match by non-attendance, no firing shall be required and no scores shall be accepted for record.

B. If just a single member of both Teams is present at the range by 8:00 PM, then the scheduled match must be fired for record and the scores submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer.


SECTION 1. The following shall be the Official Course of Fire for Regular League Matches, a 60-shot NRA .22 Caliber Gallery Course:

A. Range: 50 feet indoors, turning targets preferred but not mandatory.

B. Targets: NRA Official Targets B-2 Slow Fire and B-3 Timed and Rapid Fire, to be furnished by the host Team.

C. Course of Fire:
Match 1 Slow Fire Match Two 10-shot strings 10 minutes per string
Match 2 Timed Fire Match Four 5-shot strings 20 seconds per string
Match 3 Rapid Fire Match Four 5-shot strings 10 seconds per string
Match 4 Grand Aggregate Sum of Match 1, 2, 3
Match 5 Handicap Score Calculated with the NRA-Olin Drop Point System

D. Pistol: Any pistol or revolver using a .22 caliber rimfire cartridge that complies with NRA Pistol Rule 3.4 including its stated dimensional limits and with a trigger weight of not less than two pounds.

SECTION 2. No more competitors than the established Match Team Limit may fire for record. Once recorded on the Team Score Sheet, Team scores shall be computed for each of the five (5) Matches listed above by taking the sum of the top four (4) scores in each particular Match.

In the event a team does not utilize all slots of the established Match Team Limit, the opposing team may utilize the remaining range capacity for the established relays.

The Team Totals of each of the five matches shall be compared against each other to determine which Team has won each match. "Team Points" shall be assigned to the winning Team based on the following values:

Match 1 Slow Fire Match 1 Point
Match 2 Timed Fire Match 1 Point
Match 3 Rapid Fire Match 1 Point
Match 4 Grand Aggregate 2 Points
Match 5 Handicap Score 5 Points


SECTION 1. Any range utilized by a League Team shall have to accommodate at least two (2) times the established Match Team Limit in as many scheduled relays as necessary. This shall provide for accommodating the required Match Team Limit per Team.

A. For example, if the Match Team Limit is 12 and a range has a capacity of six (6) firing points, it shall be obliged to schedule four (4) relays. Similarly, if it has a capacity of eight (8) firing points, it shall be obliged to schedule three (3) relays.

B. If a particular firing point is deemed unusable because of a broken target carrier, lighting or other problem, additional relays MUST be scheduled if necessary to accommodate the entire roster of the Visiting Team up to the Match Team Limit.

SECTION 2. League Matches shall be unsquadded - meaning that Competitors shall sign up for whatever target number or scheduled relay they desire. They shall do so by registering their Full Names on the "Match Sign-Up Sheet." However, some priorities and restrictions shall take precedence over the Competitors' wishes:

A. It shall be the collective responsibility of both Team Captains to make every effort to fill the earlier relays. If all firing points cannot be filled before the start of the relay, the Team(s) not having at least half the capacity of the firing line filled shall have potentially disqualified that number of Competitors equaling their share of empty firing points.

B. If a Competitor has signed up on the Match Sign-Up Sheet, the Competitor's scores shall be fired for record. This status MAY NOT change once the Competitor has taken the position on the firing line.

C. No Competitor may fire on a relay unless the Competitor's Full Name or the word "PRACTICE" has been registered upon the Match Sign-Up Sheet.

SECTION 3. It shall be the responsibility of the Team Captain to allow no more than the Match Team Limit Team Members to fire for record upon the Team.

A. If more than the established Match Team Limit Competitors from a Team have been registered upon the Match Sign-Up Sheet and firing for the final relay has already begun, the lowest Match Team Limit Official scores for that Team shall be considered for record. This policy shall be intended as an incentive to make the Team Captain concerned about the size of the roster.

B. If there are empty spaces on the Match Sign-Up Sheet for the FINAL relay, a Competitor may fire NOT-FOR-RECORD as long as that Competitor has either:

1. Already fired for record on a previous relay or
2. Has been disqualified as being in excess of the Match Team Limit Team Members that are firing-for-record.

In either case, the Competitor must register on the Match Sign-Up Sheet before firing, but with the word "PRACTICE" instead of the Competitor's name.

C. Any CHANGES to the match sign up sheet must be initialed by BOTH Team Captains.


SECTION 1. In accordance with NRA Pistol Rules 10.5 and 18.3 "Competitors Will Score," every Competitor firing-for-record on the range shall score the Competitor firing-for-record immediately to the left. No Competitor shall score their own target. It shall be each Scorer's responsibility to understand the correct method of scoring and completing a scorecard. Some additional notes on scoring procedures:

A. A Scorer may utilize a magnified overlay or "Eagle Eye" to determine the value of critical shots.
B. Shot values shall be recorded legibly upon the scorecard from highest to lowest value - "X" indicates a shot of highest value; "M" indicates a miss.
C. It shall be the Competitor's responsibility to check both shot values and addition on their own scorecard.
D. Scorecards must be signed by both the Scorer and the Competitor.

SECTION 2. If a Competitor disputes the value of a scored shot, the following procedure shall be followed:

A. The Competitor shall bring it to the attention of the Scorer. If the Scorer reconsiders, the scorecard shall be amended and changes initialed by the Scorer.
B. It the Scorer does not agree, the target shall be brought to Competitor's Team Captain whereas the Competitor may request to have the target plugged. The Competitor's Team Captain may overrule this request if desired.
C. The two Team Captains collectively constitute an Official Referee. The target shall be plugged by the Team Captains and together they shall rule on the shot value. If they cannot come to an agreement, the shot value shall stand as originally scored. The plugged targets must be signed by both Team Captains if a new shot value has been determined. The scorecard shall be amended and the changes initialed by the Team Captains.

SECTION 3. The scorecards shall be registered on the Official Team Score Sheets, which shall constitute a Preliminary Match Bulletin once completed.

A. It shall be the responsibility of the Team Captain to bring two (2) copies of a blank Team Score Sheet to each match. Upon this Team Score Sheet shall appear the updated Indices of all Competitors on the roster.

B. Registering the scores must be a collective effort of the Team Captains, and the two are encouraged to work together to make the process prompt, accurate and organized. The process is most efficient if four people work together:

1. Reader - This person reads the figures from the scorecards aloud.
2. Writer #1 - This person writes scores on the Home Team's copies of the Score Sheets.
3. Writer #2 - This person writes scores on the Visiting Team's copies of the Score Sheets.
4. Controller - This person calculates and announces the handicap score.

C. The Team Score Sheets must be written legibly, as the preferred method of filing shall be scanning and submitting them to the Secretary-Treasurer electronically. Once completed, the Team Captains shall verify and sign the Team Score Sheets. Each Team Captain shall take a copy of each Team's Score Sheet, which shall be reported to the Secretary-Treasurer within three (3) days after the match has been fired. Match results may be filed electronically or via the postal service.

D. In accordance with NRA Pistol Rule 15.7 "Team Matches," if the two teams tie for a particular match, it shall be broken by the team with the highest Individual score of that match. If the tie is still unbroken, proceed to utilize the second highest Individual score, and then the third, etc.

E. The fundamental unit of scorekeeping as utilized by the Secretary-Treasurer for correcting errors in addition shall be the "Target Value." Shot values are not recorded on the Team Score Sheet, and therefore, are not submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer for consideration or interpretation.


SECTION 1. As this is a handicap League, we shall utilize the NRA-Olin Drop Point System for computing handicap scores. However, we shall modify the system to utilize an "Index" value in the place of the usual Competitor's "average." In addition, because the Drop Point System is based on a 30 shot match, we shall divide our Individual Aggregate scores in half and truncate* them to integers, creating "half scores" merely for compatibility with the system.
(*Truncate means: "remove fractional value" or "round down.")

** For the 2003-2004 season, a revised handicap scoring method has been put in place. At the next annual meeting, the handicap scoring method will be re-visited. **

A. A Competitor's Index shall be simply half of the average of the highest three (3) fired scores of the current and prior seasons collectively, truncated to an integer. If this figure is below 150, it shall become 150, the minimum Index value.

B. A new Competitor shall establish an official Index after firing three matches. Until established, the Competitor's temporary Index shall be half of the average of all matches fired including the current one under consideration, truncated to an integer.

C. If a returning Competitor fired fewer than three (3) matches during the prior season, the two (2) prior seasons shall be combined as one to enable an Index to be created.

D. If a returning Competitor fired zero (0) matches over the prior two (2) seasons, the Competitor shall have no official Index, and must begin again as a new Competitor.

SECTION 2. The accuracy of the handicap system relies on the constant updating of Competitor Indices. It shall be the Team Captain's responsibility to keep the necessary records on the Team Members including Indices up to date. The consequence is that the Official Match Bulletin shall reflect the corrected Indices and may affect the apparent match outcome tremendously.

A. Keeping the records of each Competitor's highest three (3) fired scores of the current and prior seasons must be updated after each match is fired.

B. The Team Captain may elect to either use the NRA Official "Team Captain Score Record Sheets" or a computer program that provides for the same methods.


SECTION 1. If during the course of a match, the Team Captains cannot resolve a dispute, a Team Captain may file a Protest. This protest must be clearly written and signed by both Team Captains within three (3) hours of the conclusion of the match and must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer attached to the Team Score Sheets.

A. The protest must state clearly, what NRA or Il-Mo League rule or procedure was involved.

B. The protest must state which Competitors were affected.

SECTION 2. Upon receipt of the written Protest, the Secretary-Treasurer or the League President shall assemble an original Protest Committee to rule on the action. The Protest Committee shall be composed of the Team Captains of ALL Teams that are not involved in the protest.

A. The Secretary-Treasurer or League President must contact the Team Captains of the Protest Committee within seven (7) days of its filing.

B. The Protest Committee must meet and rule on the Protest within twenty-one (21) days of its filing.

SECTION 3. The Protest Committee shall be called upon to render fair, swift and unbiased judgment on the Protest.

A. The Protest Committee shall have to come to a single solution to the Protest, which may involve:

1. Denying the Protest entirely
2. Granting an offended Competitor a post-firing session.
3. Taking sanctions against or granting privileges for a particular Team or Competitor.

B. The decision of the Protest Committee shall be final, not subject to appeal by either Team involved in the Protest.


SECTION 1. The League shall recognize achievement in two categories, "Team" and "Individual." Team Awards shall be inscribed with Team name. Individual Awards shall be inscribed with Individual achievement.

A. There shall only be one "Team" Award, the "League Champion." It shall be awarded to the Team that has accumulated the greatest number of "Team Points" over the course of the entire season. All members who fired at least one third (1/3) of the team matches shall receive an award.

B. There shall be twelve "Individual" Awards. To be eligible for any of the Individual Awards, Competitors must have fired at least one-third (?) of their Team's scheduled matches. The Individual Awards fall into three categories - Individual Averages, Individual Records and Special Categories.

1. Individual Average Awards shall be awarded to the Competitor who ended the season with the highest average in the following Matches:
a. Grand Aggregate (Individual Champion)
b. Slow Fire
c. Timed Fire
d. Rapid Fire
e. Handicap

2. Individual Record Awards shall be awarded to the Competitor who holds the record for the highest fired score of the season in the following Matches:
a. Grand Aggregate
b. Slow Fire
c. Rapid Fire
d. Timed Fire
e. Handicap

3. Special Category Awards shall be awarded to the qualified Competitors in the following categories:
a. High Female Aggregate Average
b. Most Improved Average

C. The Most Improved Average award shall be based on the increase in a Competitor's average against the previous season. Competitors must also have fired one-third (?) of their Team's scheduled matches for the previous season to be eligible. The formula for computing this category valuation is:

10 * (current average - last season average)
600 - (last season average)

D. The five Individual Record Awards shall be awarded to five different competitors.

1. No more than one (1) Award from the Individual Record Award category shall be engraved and presented to any Competitor, regardless if the Competitor earned more awards in this category.

2. The competitor who wins two or more of the match types in the Individual Record Awards shall be recognized for all achievements, but shall receive the engraved Award only for the more difficult category. The priority of difficulty of the matches is ordered from highest to lowest as {a - e} of the items listed in Article 13 1, B. 2., a. - e.

3. A second-place Competitor who has been granted a gratuitous engraved Award by this one-award-only philosophy shall not be recognized as the winner of the category. The Competitor shall be presented the Award clearly engraved with the phrase "Second-Place" for the Individual Record in question.

SECTION 2. The Annual League Banquet (Awards Ceremony) shall be targeted for the Saturday that occurs nine (9) days before Memorial Day.

A. As outlined heretofore in Article 3 2, C., the Executive Officer shall be commissioned with the responsibility of making the preparations for the League Banquet (Awards Ceremony).

B. If funds are available, the League itself may elect to subsidize a portion of the costs of engraved awards and/or the banquet ceremony itself. This decision shall be made by the Council at the Annual Council Meeting.


Additional Individual (not Team) Competitions may be proposed and approved by the Council. In the years past, these Competitions have been titled the Pre-Season Tournament, Mid-Season Tournament, and the Post-Season Tournament.

A. These Individual "Tournaments" shall be scheduled by the Secretary-Treasurer and are dependant on range availability. A portion of the fee the competitor pays shall go towards range rental, range officers, and secretary recording fee with the remainder of the fee going towards awards. In the event the competitor fees do not cover the actual cost to put on the tournament, the Il-Mo Pistol League will cover the additional expenses.
B. The Secretary-Treasurer shall function as the Statistical Officer of these Tournaments, and shall be compensated at $.50 per Competitor for the services.


SECTION 1. In accordance with NRA Pistol Rule 18.2 "Knowledge of Program," it shall be every League Competitor's responsibility to know and understand the procedures for and the rules governing any League Competition.

A. It shall be the competitor's responsibility to know and understand both the NRA Pistol Rules and any additional rules outlined in the Il-Mo League By-Laws. A Competitor's unfamiliarity with any rule does not exempt an infraction of said rule.

B. The disqualification of a Competitor for not following the correct procedures for registering on the "Relay Sign-Up Sheet," not paying the Individual Competitor fee, or arriving to the range for a scheduled match after the 8:00 PM deadline shall solely be the fault of that Competitor.

SECTION 2. In accordance with NRA Pistol Rule 18.1 "Discipline," it shall be every League Competitor's responsibility to maintain the highest standards of range safety and good sportsmanship.

A. Eye and ear protection shall be mandatory for all Competitors at all League Competitions.

B. There shall be no handling of firearms on the Range except when the Competitor is on the firing line and the command "YOU MAY HANDLE YOUR GUNS" has been given by the range officer.

C. When the command "CEASE FIRING" has been given by anyone, even a Competitor on the firing line, all firing shall cease immediately. Even if a Competitor is about to let off a carefully aimed shot, the Competitor must not fire and open the action of the pistol. Failure to immediately obey this command is one of the worst infractions of range discipline.

D. During a Refire (alibi) String, all Competitors not firing that string shall step back from the line and remain quiet as a courtesy to the Competitors firing. Similarly, during the slow fire match, those who finish firing before the allotted time shall remain quiet as not to distract those who are still firing.


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ANNUAL DUES, TEAM, Article 5 1 A.
AWARDS, Article 13 1.
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RANGE CAPACITY, Article 9 1.
RELAYS, Article 9 1 - 3.
RULES, Article 6.
SCHEDULE, Article 7.
SCORE SHEETS, TEAM, Article 10 3.
SQUADDING, Article 9 2.
TEAM SCORE SHEETS, Article 10 3.
TEAM, LEAGUE, Article 4.


ALIBI - In this instance will mean any malfunction of a firearm or range equipment that prevents a competitor from completing the firing of a string. This would allow the competitor to "REFIRE." See REFIRE below.

ELECTRONIC FILING OF SCORES - A most efficient method of filing a match's team score sheets with the Secretary-Treasurer by email as opposed to postal mail. The score sheets are scanned, converted to an image file and attached to an email message sent to the Secretary-Treasurer. However, the first few matches of a season require Sanctioned League fees to be attached to the score sheets, mandating the postal method.

OFFICIAL BULLETIN - The final official report of all eligible competitors, scores fired and totals during a competition, as published by the Statistical Officer.

PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE - A standardized protocol for the operation of meetings. Robert's Rules of Order is America's foremost guide to parliamentary procedure.

PRELIMINARY BULLETIN - The unofficial yet-complete report of all competitors and scores fired during a competition. After the Statistical Office checks competitor eligibility, indices and arithmetic, this report is rewritten as the "OFFICIAL BULLETIN."

REFIRE - If the range officer grants a competitor an "ALIBI," he will be allowed to refire that string during which the alibi occurred during the REFIRE string. Refer to NRA Pistol Rules 9.4 and 9.14.

SKID SHOT - An elongated bullet hole of any length caused by a bullet striking the target while the target is turning either into or out of view. Rules pertaining to scoring skid shots are often confused. Refer to NRA Pistol Rule 14.3.

SQUADDING - The system used in many competitions where registered competitors are assigned a relay and a target number prior to the event. Il-Mo League competitions are unsquadded.

STRING - A series of five (5) shots. Two strings constitute a single target or a "STAGE."